Our 2023 Instructors

Alex Lowe

Alex Lowe

Alex will be leading the “create and illustrate” session, where kids will learn to write and illustrate their very own small storybook.

Alex Lowe is an illustrator, author, and art instructor who lives and works in Northumberland County. Alex has a passion for storytelling and book illustration, and has been creating her own stories and characters from the moment she could hold a pencil. She is a graduate of the Honours Bachelor of Illustration at Sheridan College, as well as the Certificate of Thanatology program at Centennial College. She illustrated her first published book at the age of 18 and went on to write, illustrate, and publish several of her own. Her work consists of a varied mix of traditional and digital media, with a current preference for watercolours and ink. Alongside her illustration practice, she enjoys teaching classes and workshops in her community. 

Amanda O'Rourke

Amanda operates a small-scale farm in Havelock where she makes maple syrup, gardens and tends to her greenhouse operation with her family. Amanda was the Artworth camp manager for 2019 and 2021 has helped run various nature camps throughout Ontario over the years. This year she will be sharing her love of nature and especially plant medicine making. She will facilitate plant creating activities with the senior and junior camp (check back for more details) .

Amanda O

Aubrey Dayle

Aubrey is back at Artworth by popular demand to lead and inspire campers in rhythmical explorations through hand drumming. He will also be supporting a performance on the last day of senior camp and working with the junior camp during the Campbellford week. 

Aubrey Dayle’s musicianship began at the age of 5 when he started to study the accordion and the piano. Formally trained at McGill University and Manhattan School of Music, in classical and jazz percussion, Aubrey has performed in a variety of diverse situations. He has toured with James’ Blood’ Ulmer, Hassan Hakmoun, God Street Wine, Sam Rivers, and Ernest Ranglin. As part of the John Popper Band, Aubrey played on both the David Letterman and the Jay Leno shows. He has also performed at Carnegie Hall with the New York Metro Mass Choir. Aubrey teaches private drum lessons through his studio and has been facilitating drum circles for the Durham public and Catholic school boards from 2014 to the present.

Douglas Morlock

Douglas Morlock has been a practicing Blacksmith and metal artist since 2003. He divides his time between commissions, original work and teaching from his shop in Warkworth, ON.

Douglas will be doing a blacksmith demonstration for the junior camp in Warkworth and forging metal for the creation of windchimes.

Ellen Skura

Ellen Skura

Ellen will be teaching in all three camps. The seniors will be making cloth puppets and the juniors will be making stick puppets and Campbellford camps will be creating puppet plays with support from performance facilitator, Robyn Smith.  

Ellen lives in Campbellford. Since her childhood, she has been intrigued by puppets— and as a teenager, she taught herself how to sew and craft her own creations. Ellen began crafting simple sock puppets for her own children which led to teachers asking her to design puppets for their classrooms. What would spark from this hobby was a firm belief in creating works that would encourage both originality and creativity among people of all ages— two core values that would ultimately motivate Ellen to create her own line of hand and finger puppets. These were the humble beginnings of what would eventually become El Puppet in 1994. 

Jeffrey Weekes

Jeffrey is leading watercolour painting sessions again this year and we are so excited to have him share his amazing talent with the senior campers.  He will also design a mural in Warkworth at the fairground for the junior campers and teens.

Jeffrey Weekes lives just north of Campbellford. He is a Toronto born artist whose achievements have spanned more than 2 decades.   A self-taught artist, he has explored the world of Surrealist oil paintings, landscapes, large scale  paintings & murals, reproductions, illustrative works, mosaics and portraiture with completed  commissions ranging in media from pen & ink, graphite & charcoal, coloured chalk pencil, oil,  watercolour, acrylic, and woodwork & furniture design.  

Kimberly Davidson

Kimberly Davidson, mom and long-time city dweller turned country star-gazer, graduate of the Toronto Institute of Holistic Nutrition. Once a costume maker for Cirque du Soleil, Kimberly loves bringing that creativity to the kitchen. She is the founder of Sans Kitchen; Kimberly focuses on helping busy families find a healthy balance amongst the everyday chaos. Along with healthy food, Kimberly is passionate about our planet. Her goal is for Sans Kitchen to eventually be zero waste and is striving hard to achieve that. Kim is facilitating textile art activities with the junior and senior camp in Campbellford.

Kimberly Davidson

Lise Varrette and Matt Stearns

Lise and Matt have invited junior campers in Warkworth to visit Feather Farm at the edge of town to meet Pearl (pictured here) a 5-year old wild Pinto from Chincoteague and a herd of mini-horses. The campers will groom the horses, feed the horses and meet the sheep and ducks and hear stories about all the members of the herd of horses and mini-horses. 

Lucas Donald

Lucas is one of the camp staff at Artworth, our nature connection facilitator. At camp, he will be leading groups of kids in wilderness crafts, games and mindfulness activities as well as supporting them however they need throughout their experience. He is passionate about the outdoors and learning about the intricate lives of plants animals and all living beings, then passing those lessons on to others through stories.

Montserrat Alvarado Navarro

Montserrat Alvarado Navarro

Montse is a well-known photographer of Trent Hills, Ontario.

She specializes in all types of photography but she is well known for her love of her community.

Her pictures always highlight the beauty of our area. She is a candid photographer capturing events, celebrations and fundraisers for our organizations. Montse will be taking photographs for Artworth this Summer and return as an instructor in 2024.

Robyn Smith

Robyn, our performance facilitator extraordinaire from 2019, 2021 and 2022, is back again this year to lead the campers in poetry and puppet plays with “earth, air, water and fire” as the theme.

Robyn Smith grew up in the small village of Flesherton, where she caught the creative bug from the many artists, musicians and theatre folks in her community. Robyn has taught dance and drama through community programs in Peterborough and Flesherton and has performed with Atelier Ludmilla, Nozhem Theatre, the Motley Collective the Theatre on King, appearing in a number of productions including events such as the Precarious Festival, the Bernie Martin Festival, and Public Energy’s Emergency dance festival. Robyn moved to Peterborough in 2006 to pursue a degree in Indigenous Environmental Studies then a B.Ed from Trent University, and now lives in Havelock. Robyn is a French Immersion teacher and arts infusion and environmental education are a strong focus in her kindergarten/grade 1 classroom.

Sammy Tangir

Sammy Tangir is an all around nature nerd, with an ever-growing passion for utilitarian crafts with natural materials- meaning useful stuff made of plants, trees and sometimes even animal skin and bones. Sammy is a farmer too, growing willow for basketry, herbs and some plants for dye! She loves carving spoons, making paint and dye from plants and rocks and eating as many wild plants as possible.

At Artworth this year, Sammy will inspire nature creativity with both the senior and junior camp. Projects include natural dye with flowers and making pigments from rocks and using these plant-based colours to make paintings and beeswax crayons.

Sammy Tangir
Skye Morrison

Skye Morrison

Skye is silk-screening and decorating t-shirts with all three camps in all three locations. Skye is also silk-screening with the Teens during the leadership program.

Skye Morrison Canadian educator, researcher and designer with a lifelong interest in traditional crafts. She received her Ph.D. in Folklore Material Culture) from the University of Pennsylvania. Her MA in Design and Environmental Analysis from Cornell University and her Diploma in Design (Textiles) from Sheridan College, Canada. She was a professor at Sheridan College School of Crafts and Design from 1978 to 2002 when she left full time teaching to pursue research projects. Skye Morrison is an Adjunct Professor in the Faculty of Fine Arts at Concordia University, Montreal, since 2007.

Sarah Helm

Sarah is the Artworth camp manager and the face behind the brand Homesouling. She spent the last 7 years in college and university studying under the child and youth sector. Supporting children and youth in an environment that encompasses nature and creativity is very important to her. Sarah grew up in Brighton ON and lives in Roseneath.  She has always lived in small towns and recognizes the power that comes from communities coming together.  Sarah is a member of the Artworth steering committee. 

“ I am looking forward to working alongside Artworth this summer and for the ones to come.”

Sarah Helm

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Camp Location

Percy Park / Mill Creek Park in Warkworth
and Kennedy Park in Campbellford