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Artworth is an arts and nature program founded in 2005. Our vision is to nurture children’s creativity and deep sense of belonging to the land, to each other and to our communities.
Artworth for Adults expands our vision to include people of all ages, and families, as stewards of the lands and waters and co-creators for flourishing together.

Artworth for Adults is a partnership with the Whole Learning Alliance. An emerging environmental network helping to grow actions for sustainable and flourishing communities.

Thank you to Community Power Northumberland for a grant to start Artworth for Adults.

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Gardening Talks with Charlie Dobbin

Join Horticulturist and Landscape Designer, Charlie Dobbin, for regenerative gardening and growing talks at the Aron Theatre Co-op.

Date & Time:

  1. Soil is Sexy:
    Wednesday, September 25th, 7-8:30.
    Learn why soil is the essence of all good gardens. Tips on how to work best with your soil once you’ve actually got up close and personal to it!

  2. Growing Better in a Changing Climate:
    Wednesday, October 16th, 7-8:30.
    We’re all experiencing the effects of climate change. This session is full of proactive ideas on how to keep gardening and harvesting bumper crops, effective water use, and recognizing the important role of both living soil and fulfilled pollinators.

  3. The Big Chill (Preparing your Garden for Winter):
    Wednesday, October 30th from 7-8:30.
    Winters are more unpredictable every year. Extreme weather is our new normal, so helping our gardens be prepared for whatever nature throws at them will ensure our favourite plants are good to grow once spring arrives.

PRICE: $10/talk or all three for $25
INCLUDES: Presentation, learning handouts and question/answer session.

About Charlie Dobbin

Charlie DobbinCharlie Dobbin is a well-known horticulturist and landscape designer with professional gardening experience worldwide. In May 2002 Charlie started her own landscape design and horticultural consulting company, ‘Garden Solutions by Charlie Dobbin’.

Currently, Charlie hosts the Garden Show on AM740 every Saturday at 9 am. Her latest TV venture is ‘Healing Gardens’, broadcast on Vision TV, and can be seen at It’s a travelling documentary series, meeting amazing gardeners all over the world.

When she’s not providing garden advice to clients, Charlie can be seen delivering practical and entertaining gardening tips on a variety of television stations.

She has diverse experience including 18 years in retail Garden Centres, co-hosted the HGTV-show ‘One Garden Two Looks’, being Horticultural Director for Canada Blooms, The Flower and Garden Festival for 12 years, and volunteer judging for Communities in Bloom – Ontario.

Charlie moved to Prince Edward County in 2019 where she’s taken on the challenge of creating a garden paradise on a 2-acre wide open, windy lot!


Tree Wandering Walks with Sammy Tangir

Get curious about trees through the seasons with farmer, artist and rewilder, Sammy Tangir, with tree walks through the Rhythm Hills Forest in Campbellford and Ferris Provincial Park.

Date & Time:

  1. Green Leaves and Seeds:
    Saturday, Sept 28th, 10:30-12:00.
    Let’s enjoy these last leafy-moments together with the trees as they start to prepare for the cold ahead. We will wander around together meeting trees and exploring their leaves and searching for their seeds, maybe even tasting a few!

  2. Tree Stories of Fall:
    Saturday, October 26th, 10:30-12:00.
    As the leaves begin to fall we will wonder about why, and notice what trees stand out to us in this season. Why is it some trees hold onto their leaves longer than others? This will be an opportunity to appreciate the fall colours and deepen your knowledge about what local trees are around us.

  3. Winter Tree Identification:
    Saturday, November 23rd, 10:30-12:00.
    Meeting trees in winter is especially awesome, and an opportunity to see parts of these beings that don’t stand out as much in the other seasons, like the bark, branching patterns, buds, the clinging leaves, seeds etc… We will use as many senses as possible to explore some basics of winter tree ID!

PRICE: $15/walk or all three for $40 – Maximum 15 People
Dress for walking in whatever weather on some uneven terrain no more than 2 km, with lots of stopping, talking and looking at trees. Bring your favourite tree field guide if you have one. A mug for a tree-infused cup of tea.
NOTE: These walks are child-friendly but oriented towards adults.

About Sammy Tangir

Sammy Tangir

Sammy Tangir is an all-around nature nerd, especially passionate about plants and trees! She has an ever-growing passion for crafting with natural materials from plant fibers to nutshells and beyond. Sammy works in Ecological Restoration, and as a farmer growing willow for basketry, herbs and dye plants! She loves carving spoons, making paint and dye from plants and rocks and eating as many wild plants as possible!


Wings and Canopies; A Series of Naturalist Studies Workshops with Lucas Donald and Heidi Schaeffer

Enhance your understanding of the natural world and the interconnected lives of birds and trees through three creative nature experience workshops. We will gather at the Rhythm Hills Forest in Campbellford to gain a deeper knowledge of ecosystem dynamics and soak in new information about bird language and naturalist identification. The workshops include using nature journals, drawing and sketching plants and animals, making plant medicines, bush skills and crafts.

This 3-part workshop series is being offered twice.

Series One:

  1. Patterns in Trees – Branches and Leaves
    Sunday, September 22nd 10:30-3:00
  2. Patterns in Birds – Beaks and Behaviors
    Sunday, September 29th 10:30-3:00
  3. Food and Movement – Patterns for Survival
    Sunday, October 6th 10:30-3:00

Series Two:

  1. Patterns in Trees – Branches and Leaves
    Sunday October 20th, 10:30-3:00
  2. Patterns in Birds – Beaks and Behaviors
    Sunday October 27th, 10:30-3:00
  3. Food and Movement – Patterns for Survival
    Sunday, November 3rd, 10:30-3:00

PRICE: $150 Series (15% discount until September 1st) Maximum 10 People per series.
WHAT TO BRING: Workshops are held just outside of Campbellford at Rhythm Hills Forest. There is an indoor area for some activities and expect to be mostly outdoors. Bring a bagged lunch and mug of water for tree-infused tea.

About Lucas Donald

Lucas is a teacher, outdoor guide, craftsman and avid naturalist living in the Trent Hills area. He has apprenticed under several naturalists, wildlife trackers and herbalists in Ontario. He has been teaching naturalist knowledge and wilderness skills for over ten years in many contexts, from classrooms to wilderness expeditions. He participates in and maintains a community of ongoing learners who help each other explore and understand the natural world. His love for the natural world has expanded into a love for folk arts. Hide tanning and leatherwork, whittling, bushcraft, blacksmithing, medicine making and working with natural fibers have all become an intrinsic part of a bigger vision of nature connection.

Details for the Wings and Canopies Naturalist Studies Workshops will be shared upon request. Write to for the detailed program outline.


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Includes: Presentation, learning handouts and question/answer session.
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$150 Series (15% discount until September 1st)
Maximum 10 People per series.
Requires Walking on Trails

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Camp Location

St Paul’s United Church in Warkworth Kennedy Park/Rotary Hall & St Andrews Church in Campbellford